Our Story

We exist to secure the legacy of our clients and to ensure generational wealth is allocated properly and effectively. Family and business are consistently the most important topics and passions for any client; our team assists in the navigation of the financial complexities through planning and proactive decision-making. For many clients, this includes financial and retirement planning, portfolio management, charitable giving, and estate and tax planning.

Along with our qualifications and experience, we have a keen understanding of what drives a successful, long-term relationship: a proactive, goal-oriented team dedicated to our clients’ needs and financial future.

Silvia McColl Wealth Management is an SEC-registered investment advisory firm, offering each client a personalized, boutique experience.


Bill McColl, CFP®
Managing Partner

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Bill began his career as a financial advisor in 1989. He and his clients have faced and overcome multiple market cycles together. Experience is one of Bill’s strongest assets, and he loves to educate his clients by passing on his experience, wisdom and knowledge – a passion he values strongly. A CFP professional, Bill believes that a comprehensive analysis of a client’s assets, goals, and risk tolerance is essential in managing a family’s wealth. He fosters the next generation to be prepared in handling the wealth legacy generated by their parents. Families need a plan for investments, a plan for debt, a plan for asset transfer and a plan for charity. If you need a Plan, Bill is the Man. “Beating the market is difficult, but beating the taxman is easier” is a phrase coined by Bill himself.

Bill holds an Economics degree from Claremont McKenna College and an MBA from Thunderbird, School of International Management. He speaks Portuguese and Spanish.

A native of San Diego, Bill has decades of volunteer experience in the San Diego community. He has served on various investment committees and boards for numerous non-profit organizations. Bill is currently a board member of St. Paul’s Senior Services and has served as Chairman of that organization. He and his wife, Sandra, live in Mission Hills, and they have three children. He attends Mission Gathering Christian Church and is an active rugby player and body surfer.

Brandon Silvia, CFP®
Managing Partner

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By combining his long-time fascination with the capital markets and a strong understanding of the multiple layers of complexities faced by individuals and businesses, Brandon strives to create solid financial plans and clear investment strategies for each of his clients. Brandon puts his clients’ personal goals and expectations first as he implements and monitors their investments, thus creating lasting relationships which he wholeheartedly appreciates.

Prior to co-founding Silvia McColl Wealth Management, Brandon spent 5 years with Morgan Stanley. He began his career as an analyst for a private equity group in Chicago then moved to Denver with a startup tech company where he led business development and strategy.

Brandon graduated cum laude with a BBA in Business Economics from the University of San Diego. In his free time, Brandon enjoys fly-fishing, hiking, and seeking the next adventure that will take him out of his comfort zone. He is active in his community and believes people should give more than they receive. Brandon has served on the board of The Executives’ Association of San Diego and has helped coach Pop Warner Football.

Our Foundation

  1. To Serve – we exist to serve our clients
  2. Legacy - fostering the next generation to be prepared in handling the wealth legacy generated by their parents
  3. Wisdom –being proactive and listening to clients
  4. Knowledge – staying informed and also educating our clients
  5. Discipline – markets are volatile, uncertain and complex – stick to the plan


In every facet of our business, we exercise professionalism and prudence. Before investing any funds, we carefully establish investment objectives and constraints based on our clients' desires and objectives. We make certain that the investments we recommend are suitable and appropriate for the client.

We incur only costs that are reasonable in amount and appropriate to the client's investment program. And we exercise care, skill and caution in obtaining best trade execution, maintaining records and keeping clients and beneficiaries informed. In all matters, we diligently place our clients' interests ahead of our own.

Our Clients

We serve a diverse group of clients. What they share in common: An insistence on trustworthy, expert advice with no strings attached.
  • Individuals, including those still building wealth and those already retired
  • Families, ensuring generational wealth is allocated properly and effectively
  • Businesses, managing ERISA qualified plans
  • Trusts and Foundations, navigating complexities and advising on different types of trusts and private foundations

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